• Paul McTaggart

This is our football club.

On Saturday afternoon I decided to take a break from my personal Twitter account. Not because I saw Sunday's result coming but because I was tired of the tit-for-tat between Celtic supporters on the platform. And sometimes your mental health needs a break, you should try it. So I had to externalise my inner monologue since Sunday night's events in some way.

Infighting is the enemy of progress and the events that unfolded on Sunday both on the park and off it have shown this.

The situation this Celtic team are in - as discussed on Sunday's post-match content - is even worse than I thought it was 72 hours ago. Losing to Ross County 0-2 at home, when the visitors hadn't won in the league since 19th September, is the starkest sign you could ever imagine.

The manager should've been sacked after Easter Road at the latest, in my opinion. He is a Celtic legend and the board should never have allowed a situation like the protests after Sunday's game to arise.

A few people may have overstepped the mark, but that owes to a cocktail of lockdown & heavy police presence as much as it does to anything else. I'm not surprised that in an uncoordinated, heat of the moment protest that fans ended up singing "Lennon, Lennon get to f*ck!". It's not where this situation should've ended up and it's not what Neil Lennon deserves.

However, all of those supporters outside the stadium last night have a right to be heard. A right to be heard by a board that ignore them at every turn except when they're taking money from them. A right to have a say and to intervene to try and stop this Celtic team from careering off the cliff it's heading towards. We, collectively, invest a fortune in our football club in season tickets, merchandise and any other means we find. This is our football club, not theirs. And for the major shareholder to have messages leaked through sources close to Jim White about how last night's protest will "harden his resolve" to keep Neil Lennon is a disgrace.

The message is 'I will keep the underperforming, failing manager here just to spite you'. Like a lot of things the Celtic board do - it is amateur, it lacks humility and smacks of a total disregard for supporters.

And spare me the hot takes from small time supporters of small time football clubs about 'entitlement'. We are not angry because we lost one cup game in 35, after 11 trophies in a row etc etc etc. This is a team with the biggest budget in the country; on a run of 2 wins in 10 games, who've lost 4 home matches on the spin for the first time since 1958, who are bottom of the Europa League group after being embarrassed 8-2 over two games by Sparta Prague, who've failed miserably against minnows in the last 2 season's Champions League qualifiers. who've whimpered pathetically in our last 2 derby matches against our biggest rivals. Your small-time opinion on Celtic doesn't matter, so keep it to yourself and go back to watching your small-time football club lose 25 matches a season.

Everyone at Celtic knows this situation is unsustainable and I hope that they'll swallow their pride by Friday. But I won't hold my breath. There's either a total lack of humility, care, or ambition in the Celtic boardroom - probably all three. Come the end of the season, the club needs fixed from the boardroom down. Refresh, reset and build some that resembles a serious European football club - not a once-great giant sleepwalking into the footballing abyss.

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